The National Association for Missing & Exploited Children (NAMEC) officially became a California non- profit charity in May 2017. As of June 30, 2018, NAMEC has enrolled over 150 members. NAMEC’s Board of Directors consist of the former and/or current Presidents of; The California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI), the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI): the BIG 3, and the National Council of Investigation & Security Services (NCISS). NAMEC’s signature seminar, “Investigation of Missing & Exploited Children: The Gateway to Child Sex Trafficking”, has been taught at Private Investigator Conferences around the country, including FALI, TALI, APIA, SCALI, and NCAPI. This course has also been taught to The Human Smuggling and Trafficking Center (HSTC) Washington, DC and Naval Special Warfare Command (NSW) Coronado, California.

NAMEC is a unified, ‘boots on the ground’, national force to assist and support missing & exploited children and their families. NAMEC acts as a hub for as-needed resources by engaging licensed private investigators, other professionals and volunteers, in the fight to recover and rehabilitate missing & exploited children.

The inspiration for NAMEC started in 2014, in Oceanside, California with the formation of Saved in America (SIA), a non- profit organization comprised of volunteer former Navy SEALs and retired Law Enforcement Officers who are all licensed and insured private investigators. SIA, to date, has successfully investigated and recovered missing and exploited children in 95 cases since December 2014.

NAMEC’s history began when one of SIA’s many rescues was the recovery of a 15-year-old girl from California who was tracked to Jacksonville, Florida. With the assistance of then FALI President Tim O’Rourke and FALI investigators the SIA Team rescued the girl and the criminal predator was arrested and prosecuted. This was the inspiration for forming a national association, NAMEC, using the PI Profession to assist in the recovery of missing & exploited children.

In May 2018, NAMEC celebrated their first conference with over 65 attendees. The NAMEC Conference was coordinated with the 2018 FALI Conference in Tampa, Florida. At the conference NAMEC presented it’s first scholarship award to a survivor of child sex trafficking!

Licensed Private Investigators can get involved by joining NAMEC and becoming a “ Certified Missing & Exploited Child Investigator” (CMECI). In only 6 months since it’s inception in March 2018, NAMEC has certified 47 CMECI’s. Once obtaining the CMECI designation, the Licensed Private Investigator can become part of the NAMEC ‘Special Response Team’ (SRT).



Child Sex Trafficking is a national problem. Law Enforcement has limited resources to combat this horrendous crime of modern day slavery.  Licensed Private Investigators from around the country can assist our communities and ‘fill the gap’ to rescue our children from violent sex traffickers and predators. Join the Team!